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Graduate Students

If you have interest in our research we are always open to highly motivated MSc. and PhD students interested on the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on plant populations and ecological communities.

Please read the publications in our website. If they are of strong interest to you, please contact Mauro or Marina via email with a copy of your CV as well as a brief description of your research background, interests and why you think our lab is the best place for you. Specific ideas about the questions you would like to work on are very helpful.

The following are some of our expectations of Master and PhD students:

  • They will design their own research that is conceptually close to that of the lab.
  • They will have, or acquire during their time in the program, excellent quantitative and statistical skills.
  • They will participate in lab and department activities, such as lab meetings, departmental seminars and assist undergrad and visiting students.
  • They will get along with others and help to build a friendly and productive environment.

Undergraduate Students & Volunteers

We currently seek qualified students from Biology or Ecology that want to learn and help in the ongoing projects.