Lab Members

Calebe Mendes

Project: “Effects of habitat use on plant-animal interactions”.

Carlos Brocardo

Project: “Mammals as indicators of the ecosystem health of Araucaria forest”.

Carolina Bello

Project: “Linking Defaunation To Carbon Storage Ecosystem Services In Atlantic Rainforests”.

Carolina Carvalho

Project: “Phenotype variation, genetic diversity and dispersal of seeds of a keystone palm in the Atlantic Forest”.

Daiane Carreira

Project: “Ecological services promoted by frugivorous mammals in the Atlantic Forest”.

Felipe Pedrosa

Project: “Invasion ecology of feral pigs Sus scrofa and its consequences for biodiversity conservation”.

Gabrielle Beca

Project: “Landscape influence on the persistence of terrestrial mammals in Atlantic Forest fragments”.

Michele Melo

Project: “Fine-scale determinants of frugivory, seed and genes dispersal in a preserved natural population of Euterpe edulis”.

Rafael Bueno

Silvia Guevara