Lab Members

Carine Emer

Project: “The effects of defaunation and alien species on plant-seed dispersers networks in the Atlantic Forest”.

Fabiano Farah

Project: “Mapping carbon storage of forest remnants in the state of São Paulo”

Nacho Villar

Project: “Defaunated movement: the role of animal behaviour and spatial interactions in mediating trophic cascades, niche partitioning and community dynamics in the Atlantic forest”.

Ricardo Bovendorp

Project: “Changes in functional and phylogenetic diversity of small mammals in defaunated Atlantic Forest landscapes”.

Tatiane Mariguela

Project: “Integrating molecular and ecological data in understanding the diversity, evolutionary history, and conservation of Characiformes eating-fruits”.

Valesca Zipparro

Project: “Measuring the Defaunation Effects on Plant Diversity and Composition in the Atlantica Forest”.