Lab Members

Ana Marçal Rosa

Denise Montan

Project: “Bats and their relationship to the carbon stock in the Atlantic Forest”.

Giovane Hypolito

Project: “Pollen dispersal and reproductive system of Euterpe edulis palm tree in the Atlantic Forest fragments”.

Lais Rodrigues

Project: “Frugivory and Seed Dispersers by the red-footed tortoise Chelonoidis carbonaria”.

Marília Lucas

Mayra Lansoni

Project: “Identifying tropical fruit-eatings birds using DNA barcoding on dispersal seeds of the endemic palm Euterpe edulis”.

Paula Freitas

Project: “Mammalian diversity in restored areas of São Paulo State”.

William Bercê

Project: “Diet of feral pig Sus scrofa in the region of Rio Claro, São Paulo”.